OrgPlus: Organizational Charting and more

   Integrated Business Solutions, LLC

 Organizational planning: Why your business needs it.

Having a holistic view of your workforce makes it easier for leadership to make better business decisions and spur companywide growth. Get informed. 

Build a more effective workforce with data-driven org charts

  • OrgPlus

  • Create professional, boardroom-quality charts
  • Apply best-practice based views
  • Visualize HR metrics
  • Import data easily from a variety of sources
  • Professionally designed templates
  • Track changes panel provides an audit trail
  • Pre-defined reports for quick decisions
  • Change summary reports list details of chart changes
  • Analyze with built-in reporting tools
  • Update chart data with automated scheduler
  • Model and Test scenarios
  • Easily create and compare different org structures with intuitive drag and drop functionality
  • Display key workforce metrics: see headcount, salary, tenure in your chart so you can make decisions at a glanced.
  • Use pre-built templates: create boardroom-quality org charts fast, no drawing required.
  • Share your chart with colleagues: add it to a presentation, website, or email with just a few clicks.
  • Automatically update your chart: sync your chart with another file or system so it stays up-to-date. No manual entry needed. 

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